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Cameroon 2015 - Recipes

Fufu: Cornmeal

1 cup corn meal
Required amount of water (see back of package)

1. Boil water in pot. After it boils, pour half of the water into a separate bowl or pitcher.
2. Allow the remaining water in the pot to continue to boil while you add the corn meal slowly. Stir continuously to avoid lumps.
3. Add some water from pitcher and allow the mixture to boil for about 15–30 seconds, then stir.
4. Again, add more water, boil, and repeat until out of water. Cook until you smell the scent of roasted corn. You don’t want the mixture to be too thick or too runny.
5. Reduce heat.

To make the corn fufu balls, line a small bowl with plastic wrap and put a scoop of the corn mixture inside the bowl. Pull the sides of the plastic wrap to the center and twist. This will make a ball shape.

An alternative is to serve the corn fufu to each person in a small bowl, and serve the N'Dole on a small plate for a family dinner.


Cameroon 2015 - Recipes

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