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Poster Teaching Resources

The Poster Teaching Resource pages have been created to accompany the we all International Posters series. Each easy-to-download page contains the photographer’s personal story about her or his featured photo in the posters. It also includes the image, country stats, and the country’s location. We hope these pages will be useful to teachers and students.

The Poster Teaching Resources (free!) are in two parts:

We invite you to share your curriculum development ideas with us at rpcvposter@rpcvmadison.org.

Set 1

View Teaching Resources for Set 1

  • we all dress
  • we all eat
  • we all need a home
  • we all need water
  • we all work

Set 2

View Teaching Resources for Set 2

  • we all learn
  • we all play
  • we all need friends
  • we all go places
  • we all shop

Set 3

View Teaching Resources for Set 3

  • we all celebrate
  • we all create
  • we all need good health
  • we all use energy
  • we all need peace

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