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International Calendar

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International Calendar Overview

2024 International Calendar

We began the International Calendar Project to share Peace Corps experiences with our home communities and to raise money for grassroots projects in the countries where we served or in which we live.

For more than 35 years, the International calendar has been shining a spotlight on the people and places where Peace Corps Volunteers have served. Since the publication of that first calendar in 1988, the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) of Madison, Wisconsin, have published a calendar every year to share with you some of the roads we travel as volunteers. It has been our labor of love, honoring the work that volunteers do and the people with whom we work.

Celebrating the richness of life and the diversity of the world, the International Calendar reminds us of the importance of friendship, understanding, respect, and service.

In addition to being a celebration of cultures, proceeds from calendar sales fund development projects worldwide. Some of these projects are highlighted on the inside back cover of any calendar, where you can see photos of the types of projects that your purchase of this calendar makes possible.

We are thrilled to be able to celebrate more than 35 years of calendars and proud of the efforts it reflects. As for the road ahead, we look forward -- with your help -- to continue promoting peace through understanding.

Unique Aspects of the Calendars

The Calendar pictures are windows into our memories and introduce you to the people who welcomed us so warmly into their communities. Plus, nearly every day lists important festivals, birthdays, and holidays from around the world. The Calendar always features countries in which the Peace Corps is currently active or has been hosted in the past.

The International Calendar is more than just another annual time marker with pretty pictures. It is also designed as a teaching aid, introducing varied life styles, terrain, foods, occupations, and crafts from around the world. Our Cultural Resources page has information specific to each country, including, books, film, music, and food. Each year we provide Calendars to the Peace Corps’ Paul D. Coverdell Global Connections program (formerly known as World Wise Schools) for distribution to participating teachers.

To purchase the current calendar and other products, please visit the official RPCV International Calendar page.

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