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Ghana 2012


Wa, Ghana

The students at Wa School for the Deaf in Wa, Ghana know well that limited resources need not hinder artistic expression. Using twigs, shards of glass and moist earth collected from termite mounds, they create unique sculptures. The students speak with their hands, signing, their primary means of communication. Wa Deaf is a boarding school, a community of students, teachers, administrators, cooks and house parents where everyone shares in the chores, activities and fun of daily life. Here, five students proudly display their creations.
– Bart Jennings ©2004
Peace Corps Volunteer (Visual arts teacher), 2003-05, Ghana

Ghana/Republic of Ghana
In West Africa; mostly low plains w/desiccated plateau south-central; 238,533 km2 (slightly < OR), 17.5% arable.

Capital Accra (pop est. 0.9M)

Population 24.8M (100/km2)

Life expectancy 61 years


Literacy 58%

Languages Asante 15%, Ewe 13%, Fante 10%, Boron 5%, Dagomba 4%, Dangme 4%, Dagarte 4%, Akrem 3%, Ga 3%, Akuapem 3%, other 36% including English (official)

Religions Christian 69% (Pentecostal 24%, Protestant 19%, Catholic 15%, other 11%), Muslim 16%, traditional 9%, none 6%

Ethnic Groups Akan 45%, Mole-Dagbon 15%, Ewe 12%, Ga-Dangme 7%, Guan 4%, Gurma 4%, Grusi 3%, Mande-Busanga 1%, other 9%

Gov’t Constitutional Democracy

GDP/cap $1,600

PCVs 1961 - present, education, environment, health, small business development, health (Volunteers in country: 162; total to date: 4,129)

Nat’l holiday Independence Day, 6 March (1957)

Adult Books

Lessons I'm Never GHANA Forget
by Tobin Cuss

Paperback: 252 pages
Publisher: BookPal (April 8, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1921681301

Book Description
A collection of stories and observations written by a young primary school teacher, who decided to fulfill his dream of teaching children in Africa.

Kids' Books

Ananse and the lizard: a West African tale
retold and illustrated by Pat Cummings

Format: Hardcover, 40 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8050-6476-6
Interest Level: K-3
Age Range: 6–9 years
Publisher: Henry Holt, p2002, c2002


Film: Ghana is in Africa
Director: Giovanni Messner (2005)


Kojo Antwi: Music from Ghana

Focus Word

Focus Word for 2012 - "Freedom"

Boron (Bono): Fawohodie (Faa-wo-ho-dea)

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