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Jordan has a long history of hosting refugees, most recently Syrians fleeing a civil war that began in 2011. As of 2022, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees had registered about 675,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan, most living in communities across the kingdom and the rest in refugee camps. Jordan has been recognized internationally for its efforts to welcome and provide for this massive influx of refugees—among them these joyful girls receiving a gift of homemade portraits. Despite uncertain and difficult circumstances, these children demonstrate resiliency and the hope for a brighter future in a new home.

Jim Schumaker © 2017
PCV Sierra Leone 1970–1972

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan/Al Urdun

Middle East

Area 34K mi2; 89K km2

Arable 2%

Population 11M (321/mi²; 124/km²)

Gov’t Parliamentary constitutional monarchy

Capital Amman (2.2M)

GCP/Capita $9,200

Unemployment 19%

In Poverty 16%

Infant Mortality 14/1K live births (108th)

Life expectancy 76 yrs

Median Age 24 yrs

Literacy 98%

Languages Arabic (official), English

Religions Muslim 97% (predominantly Sunni), Christian 2%, other 1%

Health 8% of GDP

Education 3% of GDP (150th)

Military 5% of GDP (12th)

Labor Force Agriculture 2%, industry 20%, services 78%

PCVs 1967–2002, 2014–2015 TTD: 600

Adult Books

Voices of Jordan
By Rana F. Sweis

Genre: Nonfiction
Publisher: Hurst & Co. (2019)
ISBN-10: 1787380130
ISBN-13: 978-1787380134

Rana Sweis, a widely published Jordanian journalist, conducted in-depth interviews with everyday people from across the country’s spectrum, from refugees to Jordanians from all walks of life. “With her deep knowledge of Jordan's landscape, language and culture, [she] sketches an intimate portrait of the intricacies and complexities of life in the Middle East. Rather than focusing on how individuals are affected by events in the region, she reveals a cast of characters shaping their own lives and times. Voices of Jordan shares those stories in all of their rich detail, offering a living, breathing social and political history” (Publisher’s note).

“A vivid, varied and revealing portrait of a country often ignored by Western media. All of the Arab world's pressures are here: unemployed youth, religious extremists, Syrian refugees, and a restive population competing to shape the future of Jordan.” (Deborah Amos, international correspondent for NPR)

“An exquisite mosaic of personal lives, social commentary, political insight, and historical context. Sweis has brought Jordan to life with deep sensitivity and a world-class journalist's penchant for nuance. The result is a true masterpiece of story-telling.” (Wendy Pearlman, author of We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled: Voices from Syria)

“A delight to read because of the sensitivity, sincerity and pure grace with which Sweis describes the character, lifestyle, dreams and disappointments of those she interviewed” (The Jordan Times)

Kids' Books

Jordan: Around the World Series, Book 8
By Jamie Padrazzoli

Format: PB, 49 pages
ISBN-10: 1796408247
ISBN-13: 78-1-79640-824-9
Age Range: 8–2 years
Publisher: Independently published, 2019

Join two children from Jordan as they tell you more about their country in this Around the World Series book eight.

Editorial Reviews

About the author: Jamie Padrazzoli:
I decided to start a NON-Fiction line of books called Around the World Series. They include facts with colorful photos. They are told by children from around the world. NOTE: Jamie’s other books are found under the name JAMIE BACH.


Film: Banat Abdulrahman (Daughters of Abdulrahman)
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Director: Zaid Abu Hamdan
Country: Jordan
Release Date: 2021
Language: Arabic
Color: Color
Run Time: 111 minutes

Years after escaping a dictated life, four estranged and offbeat sisters are forced to come together to find their suddenly missing father. In their search for their father, secrets are revealed, and more questions are raised.


This film tackles several issues that women in our Arab society are still suffering from. The film’s script is full of details that reflect the director’s apt knowledge of women and the worlds they live in, resulting in vivid and vibrant characters. — Ola El-Shafie, ElWatan Website (Arabic)

Zaid Abu Hamdan made a bold film on the taboos that women suffer from—a topic that filmmakers, especially in the Levant region, hardly dare to address. — Malek Khouri, Kitabat (Arabic)

Viewer comment:
Great! One of the best movies out there! Everything from A to Z! Its a must watch. It shows reality in some Arab countries—in their alleys and how society really is. Professional actors. They made this movie so real and very touching! Way to go, Jordan. So proud.

Best Film Award, Palm Springs International ShortFest in 2021

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