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Mexico 2016



Estados Unidos Mexicanos
North America

Area 2M km²

Arable 13%

Population 120.3M (59/km²)

Gov’t Federal Republic

Capital Mexico City (20.4M)

GCP/capita $15,600

In poverty 52%

Wealth owned by top 10 percent 39%

Life expectancy 75 yrs

Infant Mortality 13/1K live births


Literacy 94%

Languages Spanish, indigenous languages

Religions Catholic, Pentacostal, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Evangelical, other

Labor Force Agriculture 13%, 
industry 24%, services 62%

PCVs 2004–present CURRENT: 75 TTD: 290; community economic development, environment

Adult Books

How It Goes in Mexico: Essays from an ExpatriateHow It Goes in Mexico: Essays from an Expatriate
Carol Merchasin, 2014

Publisher: Shebooks
Format: E-book, File Size: 1942 KB
Print Length: 54 pages

Synopsis: Carol Merchasin first visited San Miguel de Allende in 1996, fell in love with its language, people, and culture, and moved there full-time with her husband in 2005. A lawyer by training, Merchasin is curious about how everything around her in Mexico works—the health care system, religious rituals, loaning money, small change at the market, narcotrafficantes, telenovelas, and the subtleties between the verbs ser and estar. An intrepid researcher, she informally consults her neighbors, history books, and experts until she’s satisfied. The essays in How It Goes in Mexico are by turns funny and poignant, and the portrayal of Mexico is neither romantic nor wary but respectful and compassionate.

Kids' Books

Uncle Monarch and the Day of the DeadUncle Monarch and the Day of the Dead
Judy Goldman, illus René King Moreno, 2008, AGES 7–9

Publisher: Boyds Mills Press, Honesdale, PA
Format 32 pp
ISBN 978-1-59078-425-9

Synopsis: Upon the death of her beloved Tio Urbano, who has taught her that monarch butterflies are the souls of the dead, young Lupita gains a deeper understanding of Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, as it is observed in rural Mexico. Includes glossary of Spanish terms and facts about the Day of the Dead.


Documentary: Narco Cultura
Director: Shaul Schwarz, 2013
Languages: Spanish

Film: Club Sandwich
Director: Fernando Eimbcke, 2011
Languages: Spanish


Vicente Fernández: Le Pese a Quien Le Pese

Vicente Fernández: Estos Celos

Mana: Amor Clandestino

Banda el Recodo: Te Presumo

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