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Moldova 2016



Republica Moldova
Eastern Europe

Area 34K km²

Arable 54%

Population 3.6M (122/km²)

Gov’t Republic

Capital Chisinau (677K)

GCP/capita $3,800

In poverty 22%

Wealth owned by top 10 percent 26%

Life expectancy 70 yrs

Infant Mortality 13/1K live births


Literacy 99%

Languages $3,800

Religions Eastern Orthodox, other

Labor Force Agriculture 26%, 
industry 13%, services 60%

PCVs 1993–present CURRENT: 120 
TTD: 1,280; education, health, community economic development

Adult Books

No Going Back to MoldovaNo Going Back to Moldova
Anna Robertson, 1989

Publisher: Mainstream Publishing
Format: Hardcover: 224 pages
ISBN-10: 1851580859 / ISBN-13: 978-1851580859

Review: Anna Robertson is a humorous writer, to whom many hilarious things seem to have happened, and the book was enjoyable from that point. It’s also a slice of European history, of the author’s life through the early 1900s. A fascinating read about shifting borders, and how one town could be in one country, then another, and then another! …a stringing together of a thousand anecdotes rather than a straight autobiography.

Kids' Books

Moldova (Cultures of the World) Moldova (Cultures of the World)
Patricia Sheehan, 2010, AGES 11+

Publisher: Cavendish Square Publishing
Series: Cultures of the World, Second (Book 20)
Format: 144 pp
ISBN-10: 1608700259 / ISBN-13: 978-1608700257

Synopsis: Broad overview of culture, geography, and history for Grades 5-9. … Clearly presented, easy-to-understand texts discuss government, economy, people, lifestyles, religion, language, arts and leisure, festivals, and food. … Inviting and user-friendly. Colorful photographs and reproductions complement and reinforce facts presented. A "Quick Notes" page lists important facts and provides a handy referral and access to material. Appealing, informative, and engaging resource. S. Shaver, for School Library Journal.


Documentary: Mama Illegal
Director: Ed Moschitz, 2011
Languages: Moldovan/Romanian

Film: The Unsaved
Director: Igor Cobileanski, 2013

Documentary: Panihida
Director: Ana Felicia Scutelnicu, Titl Molina, 2012


Doina Sulac: Fata mea

Doina Sulac: Am o mindra floare dulce

Moldova Music

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