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Past Recipients - 2008

Past Recipients - 2008

We donated $15,000 to Giftaway projects proposed by members of RPCVs of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • 2008 Projects Funded Directly by RPCVs of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Playground for the Jenin Refugee Camp, Palestine
  • Barbed wire for homesteads, wells and well covers, school roof and floor for El Terrero, Nicaragua
  • Club Femenino, Wausau, WI
  • Gaza Mental Health Library, Gaza Strip, Palestine
  • Salasaca Library Project, Ecuador
  • Water test kits for Ecuador Community Environmental Health Assessment, Ecuador
  • MASCP Eco-Friendly Fair Trade Initiative, El Salvador/Madison
  • Emergency Obstetric Care, Guatemala
  • HIV Prevention and Lifeskills Training for Orphans, South Africa
  • Kenya School Project, Kenya
  • Mimeograph Machine for Tubman School, Liberia
  • School for Cow Field, Liberia
  • El Corazon de Conocimiento Community Library, Guatemala
  • Sterna Welfare Society, India
  • The Umbuntu Project, Ghana

We donated $70,000 to Peace Corps Partnership Programs (PCPP) in FY2008-2009.

Bolivia Improving Fish Farming
Botswana Primary School Library
Bulgaria Sports for Deaf Students
Community Youth Center
Cameroon Science Lab
Water Source Improvement
Health Worker Training
Community and Women’s Center
Dominican Rep. Community Aqueduct
Community Latrines Project
Ecuador Ecotourism Cave Project
Model Green Home
Mother Child Preschool & Garden
El Salvador Community Sewing Project
Fiji Compost Toilets
Gambia Three Wells
Ghana Deaf School Dining Tables
Community Library
Rainwater Harvesting System
Guatemala Upgrade of Library Resources
Kyrgyz Rep Boarding School & Disabled Ag Project
Lesotho Preschool Playgrounds
Macedonia Youth Leadership Conference
Madagascar Improved School for Disabled Students
Mali Sanitation for Better Health
Fish Farm and Women’s Pepiniere
Mauritania Field Protection
Solid Waste Management
Mexico Classroom Scientific Equipment
Moldova New Kindergarten Classroom
Bee Keeping and Business Course
Morocco Computers for Students
Solar Panels for Health and Hygiene
Nicaragua Youth HIV/AIDS Education
Niger Construction Committee
English Textbooks
Panama Latrine Construction
Community Latrines
Community Water System
Philippines Education Technology Enhancement
Teacher & Youth Computer Education
Girls LEAD Youth Camp 2008
Romania Casteul Corvinlor Spectactol
Senegal Construction of Primary School
Seed Storage Facility
South Africa Supplemental Learning Center
Swaziland School Kitchen
Tanzania Teacher Housing
Ukraine Breaking the Silence Conference
Zambia Chicken Coop
Rural Health Clinic
Wells for 6 Zones

We also contributed to PCPP general funds: The Environmental Fund, the Health Fund, the HIV/AIDS Prevention Fund, the Ecuador and the Honduras Country Funds and the Ruppe Gender Development Fund.

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