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Past Recipients - 2010

Past Recipients - 2010

2010 recipients of projects proposed by members of RPCVs of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • Playgrounds for Palestine, Palestine
  • Well Pumps for Rural Nicaragua, Nicaragua
  • Clay Water Filters for El Terrero, Nicaragua, Nicaragua
  • Knitting Supplies – Afghans for Afghans, Madison/Afghanistan
  • ENGAGE Global Civil Society Educator Exchange, Thailand
  • Tanzania Development Support for Secondary Schools,Tanzania
  • Bathrooms and Septic Tanks for School in Liberia, Liberia
  • Training on Serious Mental Illness in Ukraine, Ukraine
  • Educational Resources for Nueva Esperanza-Chacula, Guatemala
  • Salasaca Library Project Ecuador
  • Catalyst Foundation Vietnam Aid Expedition, Vietnam
  • Food Security for Low-Income Households Madison, WI
  • Wisconsin Public Radio, Wisconsin
  • WORT-FM, Madison, WI

From October 2009 to July 2011, we donated $63,889.12 to 85 Peace Corps Partnership Programs (PCPP) projects in 35 Peace Corps countries.

Armenia Young Women’s Leadership Camp
Benin La Coquille: Education Program
Bulgaria Classroom Resources
Bulgaria A Stage for Everyone
Bulgaria Children’s Recreation Area
Bulgaria Youth Integration
Bulgaria Youth Basketball Team
Burkina Faso Girls and Women’s Education Conference
Cameroon Community Granary
Cameroon Raising Pigs
Cameroon Improving Health and Nutrition with Soybeans
Cameroon Seminar on Soy Cultivation
Cameroon Peer Educators HIV/AIDS Prevention Training
Cameroon School Construction
Cameroon Elementary School Classroom Construction
Dominican Republic Library Resources
Dominican Republic Community Water and Sanitation
Ecuador Workshop for People with Special Needs
Ecuador Build a Library, Build a Future
Ecuador Health Team Training
Ecuador Sustainable Agriculture & Income Generation
Ethiopia Youth Center
Ethiopia Rural Water Station
Fiji Beekeeping Training
Fiji Community Footpath
Gambia Community Garden
Gambia Resources for a Community Nursing School
Ghana Rabbit Rearing
Ghana High School Computer Lab
Ghana Computer Lab
Ghana Community Library and Computer Lab
Ghana Kindergarten/Nursery School
Ghana Youth and Recreation Center
Guatemala Improved Cook Stoves Project
Guatemala Eco- Classrooms: Friends of the Environment!
Guatemala Community Pila Project
Kenya Youth Group Beekeeping Business
Kenya Promoting Women’s Hygiene
Kenya Educational Activity Center
Kyrgyz Republic Village Greenhouse Project
Kyrgyz Republic English Classroom Refurbishment
Kyrgyz Republic Hygienic School Latrines
Mali Women’s Clothing Making Co-Op
Mali Solar Power for a Health Center
Mali Maternity Clinic
Mali Community Library
Mexico College Science Lab
Mexico Solar Cook Stoves
Mexico Bridging the Digital Divide
Moldova School Reading Program
Moldova Playground for Street Children
Morocco Community Trash Management
Mozambique Let a Child Learn
Mozambique Cultural Center
Niger Grain Bank
Niger Grinding Machine
Niger School Desks for 3 Classrooms


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