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Past Recipients - 2012

Past Recipients - 2012

2012 recipients of $14,000 for projects proposed by members of RPCVs of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • Ecuador – Health Clinic
  • Ghana – School Library
  • Guatemala – Midwife Training
  • Liberia – School Books and Bookshelves
  • Mexico – Madison Tepatitlan de Morelos Sister City Program
  • Nicaragua – Secure Silos
  • Nicaragua – School Transport for Rural Students
  • Niger – Expanding Lives Program
  • Peru – Project Perú
  • Sierra Leone – Primary School Workshops
  • Turkey – Time Bank
  • Uganda – Okora Sustainable Community Project
  • Wisconsin – Books for LGBT Prisoners

From November 2011 to October 2012, we donated $50,000 to 78 Peace Corps Partnership Programs (PCPP) projects and 2 Special Funds in 36 Peace Corps countries.

Armenia GLOW – Girls Leadership and Empowerment Project
Armenia Hygiene Project
Armenia GLOW – Girls Leadership and Empowerment Project
Azerbaijan Knitting Club
Belize Primary School Library
Benin An Education Starts With a Classroom
Botswana Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World)
Bulgaria Lasting Teaching Materials
Bulgaria Library and Resource Center
Burkina Faso Camp G2LOW
Burkina Faso Camp G2LOW
Burkina Faso Community Center Electrification
Burkina Faso Latrine Construction Ahoy!
Burkina Faso Local Mill
Cambodia Library Development Project
Cambodia Library Development Project
Costa Rica IT for Success: Computer Lab for Elementary School
Costa Rica Books for Success
Dominican Republic Healthy Living Latrines
Dominican Republic Improved Cookstove Project
Dominican Republic Rain Water Harvesting
Dominican Republic Community Center and Library
Dominican Republic Rebuilding the Homes and Lives of the Village
Ethiopia Track Day to Celebrate Health
Ethiopia Materials for Local High School
Ethiopia Environmental Club Garden and Tree Nursery
Ethiopia Literacy Program
Ghana 2012 STARS Leadership Conference
Ghana Primary School Power Project
Guatemala Community Learning Center
Guatemala Community Learning Center
Guatemala Stoves, Latrines and Cement Floors
Kenya Completion of High School Laboratory
Kenya Completion of High School Laboratory
Kyrgyz Republic Textbooks for Local Schools
Kyrgyz Republic Village Computer Resource Center
Macedonia Camp GLOW
Madagascar Community Hospital Solar Panel
Micronesia Village Basketball Court
Moldova Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Community
Moldova Playground Community Build
Mongolia Nursing Skills Laboratory
Morocco Village Sanitation System
Morocco Vocational Skills for Moroccan Youth
Mozambique Lena Jenison Memorial Fund
Namibia School Sports Program
Panama Community Aqueduct Project
Panama Composting Latrines
Panama Computer Training
Paraguay Food for Learning
Paraguay In Search of Expanding the Library
Peru Healthy Homes
Philippines Information Access for All
Philippines Library & Resource Center
Philippines English Resource Center for Enhanced Remedial Reading
Philippines School Construction
Philippines Tribal Youth Center
Romania Camp GLOW and TOBE
Rwanda Feeding Minds and Bodies for a Better Tomorrow
Senegal Community Latrine Project
Senegal Community Latrine Project
Senegal Girls Camp
Senegal Regional Girls Leadership Development Program
Senegal Elementary School Building Project
Senegal Girls’ Leadership Weekend
Sierra Leone School and Tree Planting Project
Sierra Leone Furniture Construction
Sierra Leone Rehabilitation of the Domestic Science Department
Suriname Toilets for Elderly
Suriname Clean Drinking Water
Suriname Clean Drinking Water
Togo Clean Water Project
Ukraine Extending Communication, Collaboration, and Technology Skills for a Better Education
Ukraine Energy Efficient Homes
Vanuatu Rural Water System Development
Vanuatu Computers for a Sustainable Future for the Students of Vanuatu
Worldwide Drinking Water and Sanitation Fund
Zambia Improved Livestock Management and Infrastructure
Zambia Camp GLOW

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