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Past Recipients - 2017

Uganda - Community Center Construction in Mityana District

Past Recipients - 2017

Spring 2017 (FY2016-2017) recipients of $22,046 for projects proposed by members of RPCVs of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • Colombia – Community Production of Clothing
  • Guatemala – Health Education in 8 Rural Communities
  • Haiti – Micro Lending for Haitian Women - Report
  • Kenya – Establish Libraries in Kenya
  • Mongolia – Community English Resource Center of Bayankhongor
  • Nicaragua – Water and Sanitation for the La Pita Clinic - Report
  • Nicaragua – Kitchen for the La Chota School
  • Nicaragua – Llano Largo Opening Doors
  • Wisconsin – Immigrant Relief and Stabilization Project - 
  • Wisconsin – Immigration and Asylum: Community Information for Rural Wisconsin Immigrants
  • Wisconsin – Madison International Partners

Fall 2017 (FY2017-2018) recipients of $20,800 for projects proposed by members of RPCVs of Wisconsin-Madison.

  • Belize -- Full Basket Belize Scholarships and Community Projects -  Report
  • Guatemala -- Desks and Blackboards for the Instituto Basico - Report
  • Laos -- Lao Village Gravity Flow Water System - Report
  • Liberia -- Textbooks for a New Curriculum - Report
  • Liberia -- Shipping a Cargo Container to Liberia
  • Nepal -- Minnath Adarsha Sikshya Sadan Lower Secondary School - Report
  • Tanzania -- Tanzania Development Support Clean Water Initiative
  • Uganda -- Construction of a Community Center for ACO -  Report
  • Wisconsin -- Madison International Partners -  Report
  • Wisconsin -- MCOP Initiative – Safe Communities for All

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