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Poland 2016



Central Europe

Area 313K km²

Arable 35%

Population 35%

Gov’t Republic

Capital Warsaw (1.7M)

GCP/capita $21,100

In poverty 11%

Wealth owned by top 10 percent 27%

Life expectancy 77 yrs

Infant Mortality 6/1K live births


Literacy 100%

Languages Polish, other

Religions Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, other

Labor Force Agriculture 13%, industry 30%, services 57%

PCVs 1990–2001 CURRENT: 0, TTD: 963

Adult Books

Two Years in Poland and Other Stories: A Sixty-Seven-Year-Old Grandfather Joins the Peace Corps and Looks Back on His Life
Lawrence Brane Siddall, 2008

Publisher: Pelham Springs Press; First edition
Format: Paperback, 255 pages
ISBN-10: 0981529704 / ISBN-13: 978-0981529707

Synopsis: Author Lawrence Brane Siddall takes the reader to Poland where he taught English in a high school as a Peace Corps volunteer from 1997 to 1999, in a late-life adventure following retirement. At 67, he was one of only 450 senior Peace Corps volunteers out of 6,500 worldwide. He vividly describes the challenges he faces in the classroom, his struggle to learn Polish, his initial feelings of isolation in adjusting to a new culture, and the close friends he eventually makes. Siddall also weaves brief flashbacks into his narrative, among others a glimpse of his own high school years and a vignette about the death of his mother in China in 1932.

Kids' Books

The Enchanted Book: A Tale from KrakowThe Enchanted Book: A Tale from Krakow
Janina Porazinska, illus Jan Brett, transl Bozena Smith, 1987, AGES 7+

Publisher: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, San Diego, CA
Format 32 p. : col. ill.
ISBN    0-15-225950-3

Synopsis: A retelling of the traditional Polish tale in which a miller's youngest daughter succeeds in outwitting an evil sorcerer.


Film: Ida
Director: Pawel Pawlikowski, 2008
Languages: Polish/Latin/French


Doda: Mix (50+ Videos)

Fryderyk (Frédéric) Chopin: Piano Concerto no 1 in e-minor

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