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Mongolia 2017 - Recipes


Bantan is a favorite hangover remedy for Mongolians. It is also a first food for infants.

1.5 liters water
200 grams meat, sliced thin. Usually mutton, but any kind will work
1 pinch salt
Spices of cook’s choice
200 grams of flour
Spring onions, sliced

1. Prepare a soup with meat (usually mutton) in the normal way.
2. Put the desired amount of flour into a bowl.
3. Place two or three ladles of soup into a cavity in the center of the flour.
4. Mix the liquid with a part of the flour and knead or grind the resulting mass into small lumps.
5. Put the lumps and the rest of the flour into the soup and boil everything for another while, until the soup is viscous.
6. The lumps will get a little smaller while boiling, but shouldn't disappear completely. Note: This is different from the western convention of keeping soups and sauces completely free of lumps.
7. Season to taste with salt, and add the spring onion rings and other spices.

Mongolia 2017 - Recipes

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