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Sierra Leone 2016

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Republic of Sierra Leone
Western Africa

Area 72K km²

Arable 15%

Population 5.7M (85/km²)

Gov’t Constitutional Democracy

Capital Freetown (941K)

GCP/capita $1,400

In poverty 70%

Wealth owned by top 10 percent 34%

Life expectancy 57 yrs

Infant Mortality 73/1K live births


Literacy 43%

Languages English, Mende, Temne, Krio

Religions Muslim, Christian, indigenous beliefs

Labor Force Agriculture 48%, 
industry 19%, services 33%

PCVs 1962–1994, 2010–2014 
CURRENT: 0, TTD: 3,660; education

Adult Books

Kamakwie: Finding Peace, Love, and Injustice in Sierra LeoneKamakwie: Finding Peace, Love, and Injustice in Sierra Leone
Kathleen Martin, 2012

Publisher: Red Deer Press
Format: Paperback: 175 pages
ISBN-10: 0889954720 / ISBN-13: 978-0889954724

Synopsis: Kathleen Martin spent several weeks in the tiny village of Kamakwie in the interior of Sierra Leone, where she worked with a Canadian medical team. Staying in the grounds of the community hospital, Kathleen had the opportunity to meet with the people of the village. The experience was a revelation. Her mission was to talk to people about their lives, aspirations and their memories of the civil war. She also had a camera though which she developed a visual chronicle. Above all, she was struck by the children—their resilience, their hopes, their enjoyment of the moments when they could gather and sing and play soccer.

Initially, the writer is an observer, but it is not long before the observer is passionately involved.

In this vivid and moving account of her time in Kamakwie, Kathleen Martin provides a window into a world far from the comfortable lives of most Americans - a world that through this book will become a colorful, sometimes horrifying, sometimes beautiful reality.

Kids' Books

Be Patient, AbdulBe Patient, Abdul
Dolores Sandoval, 1996, AGES 5+

Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books, NY
Format unp.: col. ill.
ISBN 0-689-50607-4

Synopsis: With the help of his younger sister, seven-year-old Abdul raises money to go to school by selling oranges in the marketplace in Sierra Leone.


Documentary: Brownstones to Red Dirt
Director: Dave LaMattina and Chad N. Walker, 2010
Languages: English

Short Film: Ebola: A Poem For the Living
Director: Firdaus Kharas, 2014
Languages: Versions in 17 languages

Film: Sara De Coward Hunter (full length film)
Director: Gen. Mammie, 2014
Language: Krio


Dr. Oloh (innovator of milo-jazz):Sierra Leone Music

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